CHRISTMAS has come early for five Birdwell lads who have not only bagged a record deal but are being mentored by a pop legend and produced by one of Yorkshire’s most successful musicians.

Just over a year ago Frazer were a bunch of working lads whose dreams of success seemed as far off as the distant Derbyshire peaks.

Now the young guitar band, with a lot of talent, a bit of attitude and a strong local following, are poised to hit the charts in 2018.

Frazer – Ashley Clarke, Harvey Fletcher, AJ Battey, Matt Marsh and Alex Owen – are about to have a taste of life in the fast lane having signed to NUA Entertainment, a record label owned by one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, London-based but South Yorkshire born-and-bred Neil Utley.

Neil’s record label is run by pop legend Paul Hardcastle who has enjoyed massive critical and commercial success in a career spanning more than 30 years.

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